pressed::Grace at Lowe’s? « Without Wax

Grace at Lowe’s? « Without Wax

Grace at Lowe’s?

Yesterday morning I wrote about my desire to be a part of a community in which we attempt to make this world a little more like God intended by our existence.

I ended with a question yesterday that simply said, “What is one thing you can do today that will make this world more like God intended?” I went ahead and answered my own question by saying “Today, I want to extend grace.” Sounded like a good thing, a kind of Christian-like thing to say.

Three hours later I found myself in the checkout line at Lowe’s here in Nashville. The cashier, Gail, was not the quickest cashier in the store. I guess you could say she was down right slow. I knew as I watched her check out the customer in front of me that I was in for an ‘experience’. Then it was my turn.

This poor lady was a disaster. She couldn’t do anything right. She couldn’t find the bar codes. She couldn’t find the prices in her book. When it was time to pay up she couldn’t figure out how to swipe the card. She canceled out my transaction twice and we had to re-scan everything. My first thoughts were, “Are you kidding me. Come on lady, I don’t have time for this. Get with it. How hard can this be?”

Than it hit me…this is it. This is your chance. Extend grace now. I started to think about how difficult her life was. I can’t imagine that in her mid-thirties this was where she thought she would be in life. Is she a single mom? Is she struggling to make it financially and this new job is exactly what she needs? Is she lonely? Is she scared? Is she overwhelmed and having a hard time balancing it all?

The more I questioned myself the more my heart started to soften. For the next 15 minutes (yes, it was actually 15 minutes) I had the opportunity to try to help her pull it together. I tried to make her laugh and assured her that we all have days like this. I tried to calm her down by telling her to take her time and I was in no big rush. I can’t tell you how many times she apologized and commented on how thankful she was for my patience (patience…those of you who know me are laughing right now).

I don’t tell this story to say “Hey, look at me and the good things I’m doing,” but rather to say, when you ask God for opportunities he will deliver. When we commit to allow God to use our lives to make this world a little more like He intended, He will use us.

[Pete Wilson, April 19, 2008.]


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2 Responses to “pressed::Grace at Lowe’s? « Without Wax”

  1. Laurie Says:

    What a beautiful post! It made me teary-eyed! You’re absolutely right, it’s so hard to put ourselves in other people’s shoes sometimes, but it is so important.

  2. chasyaldora Says:

    isn’t it AMAZING how, when you decide to start implementing characteristics of God, He TOTALLY gives plenty of opportunity? i am always complaining that i don’t have enough patience. ironically, i CONSTANTLY have the opportunity to practice it and half the time i just complain instead! :p

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