An empty blog can be so loud!

It is time for my grand announcement. I will not be in today. I am writing this from outer space, aka beforehand. I have better things to do today, namely going to see these boys and watch them play their guitars and sing along:


Oh! I am so excited. So so sosososoososo excited. This was my New Years resolution! No joke. The Jonas Brothers are the best thing since string cheese.. 
Regular programming will resume after the show.

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10 Responses to “An empty blog can be so loud!”

  1. Paola Says:

    Los Jonas Brothers son lo mejor cantan superbien!!! y sus canciones son superlindas..!! y ellos tambien son muy lindos. Los QUIERO MUCHO…!!!!

  2. talialovesyou Says:

    Babelfish translates Paola’s comment like this:

    “The Jonas Brothers is the best thing sing superwell! and their songs are superpretty.! and they also are very pretty. I WANT MUCH to them…!”

    Hi, Paola! Haha I know, aren’t they wonderful?

  3. Amelia Says:

    Great i luv u guys but are u coming 2 suriname,paramaribo that’s in south-amerika please come we luv u here

  4. talialovesyou Says:

    It’s fun to know they have fans in South America! You should leave them a message on their answering machine so they know you want to meet them. :] 1.818.748.8887

  5. Melissa Callea Says:

    The Jonas Brothers are so cute and handsome. I like your cd it’s really good. the jonas brothers are good singers.

  6. talialovesyou Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaagreed ;]

  7. mimi Says:

    I love the jonas brothers.And I love you josh I like your movie i what to kiss you josh

  8. talialovesyou Says:

    Josh? Josh? Okay. There’s not even a Josh in the Jonas family. And I’m not Josh either. Who are you speaking to?

  9. marina del carmen rios cabello Says:

    me gusta tu gorra you jonas
    ******************te amo you**************************

  10. talialovesyou Says:

    Babelfish interprets THIS ^ as “I like your cap, you Jonas.” Hahahhahahhahahhahahhaha.

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