Hahaha! I’m ANGRY!

This is what I did in Hocking Hills: hiked lots of trails, hid a letterbox, bought a Mickey Mouse chair and some books and some records and a Christmas present for my mom and a key to put on my charm bracelet, missed my dog, clung tightly to my handwarmers, snapped a lot of photos that won’t get developed for ages, sadly, and informed my youngest brother and his dumb friend that no, environmentalists are not stupid and don’t deserve to be taken down with machine guns just because you’re mad you can’t destroy everything you feel like in a nature preserve. And I also did this!

Here you can see my sister and me being Rainbow. [Stick around! If you’re lucky, maybe someday you’ll catch a glimpse of the Original Rainbow™!] Watch how effortlessly we turn on Enchanted Mode! Hahahaha. Oh, Giselle!

And here you can see my youngest brother and me being Pip and Pip, respectively, also from Enchanted. The scene we are acting out is the very one that I tried to coerce my sister into doing with me. For goodness sake, I practically handed it to her..

Many thanks to my other brother for finally uploading his camping videos! Hee! :]



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