If you’re like me, and winter makes you mad,

if you bitterly hate the bitter cold, then let’s hug! We need to stick together. Haha. Maybe there’s a SAD support group?

There’s a lot of winter-lovers out there. I happen to live with several of them. I love Christmas. I love New Years. I love V-day. I like snow (when it’s beautiful and new and white, okay) as much as anybody. But honestly I think winter lasts about three months too long, at least here in Ohio. Let me tell you why:

Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’m not going to claim I have it, but I definitely do feel bummed out wayyy more in the winter. Things bother me more in the winter. I’m just..sadder. I’m sorry, I know that’s a horrible thing to say with the whole SAD acronym thing, but I can’t think of a more appropriate word at the moment.
Raynaud’s. Actually this is a pretty fun thing. Okay, wait. Let me clarify. It’s a unique and interesting thing to have, which makes it kind of fun. It’s fun to explain to people why you can’t pick up the ice cubes you accidentally threw on the floor and why you have to hold all your cold drinks in a coozy. While it’s a fun thing to have, it does make things a little awkward when you’re trying to make yourself some frozen waffles, when you’re grabbing a couple dozen emergency napkins to hold your ice cream cone with, heck, when you’re walking the dog in the cold crisp air. A million times exacerbated during winter. Gaaah.
-Ugliness. When it snows, it looks like Narnia or something. Like some kind of wonderland full of ice crystals and you could totally imagine spying the Winter Warlock playing choo-choo in the enchanted forest and not be surprised. But when it’s not snowing, yeah, what kind of view do you have? The pretty fall leaves are gone. The grass is dead. So you’re left with ugly trees and ugly grass. And the weather here is pretty unpredictable, and ever-changing, so don’t believe the Hallmark commercials!
-Darkness. I HATE dark evenings. And when I say evenings, I mean dinner time, not eleven pm. It is very…immoral, almost. How dare the calendar shrink my day into even fewer hours!
-Lethargy. Hahahhaha winter makes me tired. It makes me want to sleep in later, wear my pajamas later, lay around on the couch with a fire in the fireplace, with my blanket and a stack of books. Winter does not suggest to me quick motion of any kind.
-Pain. In my hands. This is unrelated to Raynaud’s, it’s just kind of a bonus, I guess. My hands crack and bleed in the winter sometimes and it hurts majorly.
-Sloooowwwwnessss. Not from being winter-tired, not from hurting hands. Just slowness. Do your hands slow down in the winter? Because my fingers definitely move a lot faster in the summer. Come winter, it’s ridiculous how sluggish my fingers get, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Maybe you should check out these happy-making sites with me!*

SnowCrystals.com has some lovely photos of individual snowflakes. They’re pretty gorgeous. So whenever it starts snowing and I feel like shaking my blue-fingered fist at the sky, maybe I’ll try to think about snowflakes. Snowflakes are pretty. Snowflakes are pretty. Snowflakes are pretty.

Plus I think I should probably list some things I like about winter so I don’t get too lopsided, you know? Here goes!

-Hot chocolate
-Fires in the fireplace
-My Oscar the Grouch slippers
-Flannel pjs
-Untouched sparkling snow as far as you can see
-Catching snowflakes on my tongue
-Watching my dog play in the snow :]
-Snowball fights
-Warming up my gloves in the dryer
-My darn cute snow boots
-Hot tea
-Those yummy old-fashioned meltaway peppermint sticks
-Christmas, of course
-Christmas cookies
-Christmas decorations
-Christmas music
-Snow angels
-Salvation Army Santas
-Buying presents
-Christmas concerts
-Christmas cheer
-And for once, we can all come together and wish for peace on earth. At least for a couple weeks..

*Stay tuned for an edit with more happy-making sites. :]


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