What an interesting concept, to LIKE church.

Since I’m attending an Assemblies of God [but borderline non-denom, apparently] church now, I figured I should probably do some research on what exactly the denomination as a whole believes. Thus far I’m pretty impressed. It’s a heck of a lot better than the garbage my ex-denom was handing out. I won’t say I agree 100% with all of their positions [for example, I think I’m a preternist] but for the most part, I’m excited with what I’m finding out:

Women are welcomed into leadership positions and encouraged to lead and fill various roles. Including “pastor”. The rich history of female leaders [Deborah, Esther, Phoebe, Junia, etc] is celebrated as it should be. :]

“The Assemblies of God strongly opposes abuse and the many tragic forms of dysfunction now plaguing our world. It must grieve the heart of God, who cares greatly for the downtrodden, to see one human being abuse another. It must also grieve the heart of God too if His children observe abuse and sit idly by, allowing the evil to continue.”

Political endorsements from a church are recognized for what they are: divisive and destructive.

In times of war, people are encouraged to follow their own consciences and to listen for God to speak to them personally about participating as a combatant or noncombatant or choosing not to participate as a conscientious objector.

A strong, honest work ethic is important to all societies.

Giving to and caring for the poor is a top priority.

The need for a holistic Sabbath is recognized.

Opinion on capital punishment it mixed, because it’s such a complex issue.

Creation care is recognized as an important responsibility of human beings.

They encourage teaching children healthy views of various holidays [teaching, for instance, that Christmas is more about giving than getting] while still enjoying and celebrating them.

Racism in any form is absolutely rejected, but acknowledged as a still-serious issue that continues to confront society, including the church.

Honesty and integrity are highly valued. [Although I wouldn’t be willing to literally endanger someone’s life or something equally serious. You know what would royally suck? Being a runaway slave, for example, or a Jew hidden in someone’s attic–only to find that if someone happened to knock on their door, they weren’t prepared to cover for you.]


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