I could never bring you any kind of sorrow!

I just ran a search on the posts I’ve written and to my complete and total shock it would appear that I’ve never posted “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny. I’m hoping it’s a mistake. Well, at least if I’ve made mistakes in the past I can always rectify it now, with interest. Here, for your extreme entertainment, is Armi & Danny in their unadulterated glory…

(Note: Armi & Danny are Finnish, NOT Swedish, and if you think you can do better, there’s a whole internet out there just waiting to see you. This is one of my favorite videos ever, but until tonight I somehow missed the fact that this music video has spawned many remakes and parodies and fan versions and whatever. Observe!)

^This is one of my personal favorite remakes, and yes I have favorites already because I just sat here watching them for the past half-hour. Doesn’t this look like GREAT fun?! Could make a party game out of it or something, or rope your best friend or significant other into doing it with you. And you have to give them a thousand bonus points for doing ALL the parts with only two people.

^AWESOME. I’d LOVE to pe part of a production like this. ;]

^Could be more polished, but they were clearly having such a wonderful time, and so was the audience, and oh my word, what fun! For more fun, here you can see an edited version with side-by-side comparisons, lol!

^All-male version. I’m a fan of the “Danny” in this one, haha.

^lol @ the disco ball. I love the outfits in this one!

If you haven’t had enough by now, or you want to do more research so you can form your own awesome dance troupe, check Youtube, there are parodies up from pretty much all over the world, from what I can see. 

Confidential to my friends: PLEEEEEAAASEEE? Fine, whatever, be that way. But my next birthday party? You’re all in for it. I’m just sayin’.


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