Stupid news also makes me very happy.


Man Who Stripped Naked On LA-Bound Jet Held by FBI

Drunk Man Terrorizes Neighborhood on Bulldozer

Chewing Gum Bandit Steals $650 Worth of Gum From Gift Shop

Man Test Drives Car, Never Comes Back

Vandalized Robot Returns Home [Okayyy, there was an article in the paper when the robot thing was stolen, but no photo, just a mom and a kid pleading for its safe return. NOW there’s a picture–and I’m officially running for cover. Lock up your children, beginning: Now. More on the vandalism here. A neighbor writes in, “Re ‘Mom, Bubby’s home,’ June 19: As a Kettering resident who has frequently experienced the eerie, unpleasant sight of Bubby the Robot, I would have gladly paid Bubby’s kidnappers a considerable sum of money to send Bubby to the bottom of Eastwood Lake.”]

And dangit, there was another one–one about vandals going crazy and tearing down someone’s barn. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating online coverage of this one. :/

Honestly, this was the best week in the news I can remember in a long time. How long? A very long time!


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