This morning I found this delightful surprise in my inbox, entitled “you’re amazing.” I wrote it. To myself. A year ago today. Here’s what I told myself…

“Dear FutureMe, don’t give up, apparently it’s normal for kids your age to actually start thinking deeply about things they’re told are normal and things they’re told are good and bad and black and white and us and them. Apparently it’s normal for us to ask hard questions and not be satisfied with the same old stupid answers, and it’s okay to not end up like your parents. And it’s okay to not WANT to end up like your parents. You’re YOU. Live like it. Keep dreaming, creating, thinking, hoping, praying, hugging, breathing. If someone can’t understand, try to explain for them. Try to share yourself before you write it off as a lost cause. Just try. Keep working together with strangers and people you love and people you don’t love. The world was put here for all of us, you as much as them, them as much as you. Protect it and protect each other. I hope you’re still thinking about this, still going over and over it in your mind, and I hope you still value peace and love. Don’t give up. I haven’t. – Jan 6, 2009 <3”

Thanks,, for completely making my day. :)

EDIT: I feel like I should clarify something. “It’s okay to not want to end up like your parents” is NOT, in any way, meant as a statement of my parents’ character. It’s an affirmation that there’s nothing wrong with making different life choices than they have. I love them…quite a bit! :)


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