There’s more than one way to crack an egg.

There are, in fact, three that I know of.

1) Fast forward to about 2:30 and you’ll see the method that drove Sabrina up the wall, mhm.

2)  The second method I perfected myself a few years ago. It involves drugging yourself with cold medicine (presumably for an actual cold), and then getting a little happy with the cookie ingredients. Personally I enjoyed cracking my eggs into the trash can and throwing the shells into the bowl, but experiment, see what you’re into!

3) There are a few steps to the third method, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cracking eggs all over the place with mechanical precision! First, advance to the refrigerator and remove one egg and one stick of butter. Then close the refrigerator and place both items gently on the counter. Next, reach up and open the cabinet–you’ll need to visualize a Pyrex measuring cup in your mind (in which to microwave the butter later). Play your cards right, and a Tupperware container gone wild just might take a flying leap and land directly atop your waiting egg, breaking it neatly all over the counter.


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