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May your days be merry and bright

January 1, 2010

And may all your Christmases be white. Yeah, yeah. ;] It’s 2:30 in the morning on the first day of ’10, and here’s what I’m thinking…

It’s going to be awkward signing papers for a while. Every January produces a mild awkwardness, but it’s nothing a little creative handwriting can’t overcome. Anyone can turn an accidental ’07 into an ’08, for example. ’09 into ’10? Our whole system is overthrown. Oh my. And yeah, I know the decade isn’t technically over until next new year, but for sure the 00’s are gone, and you might as well just admit it.

In 2009, I was forced to sit out a second semester of college for lack of funds; I ventured to Managua, Nicaragua for the second time; I turned twenty-one; my dog suddenly went blind; my guinea pig suffered several severe health crises and nearly died (but she’s back to her awesome little self! yay); my father lost his job and found another; I got a job after two years of frustrated searching; I returned to college–I’m now paying my own way, 100%; my father became unemployed once again and is still in limbo; I’m waiting on the paperwork to sponsor a child in Nicaragua; I got some of my work (pottery and jewelry) into a new boutique in Covington, Oh; I’ve become an expert at fixing the channels on our converter box when they stop working; I began expanding my private movie collection in earnest; I was home alone when a tornado scare came and I had to finagle three animals with strong personalities and myself into a teeny tiny bathroom where the shower was already full of suitcases and sheets; my beloved camera Mr. Darcy passed away; my darling parents gave me another camera to ease the pain (still considering the name! this is too important a decision to make flippantly! darcy the ii? mr. tilney? hmmm).

In 2010, what do I want to accomplish? Experience? Change? Well, I want to begin my new sponsorship immediately if not sooner. I want to reach my World Vision savings goal. I want to make a third checkmark on “went to Nicaragua.” I want to learn some Spanish and relearn some French. I want to improve artistically, grow intellectually, expand in my spirit, learn to fly. I want to walk my dog more often. I want to stop taking the bait and contributing to pointless arguments. I want my outside to reflect my inside. I want to remember to value myself as much as other people, and other people as much as myself. I want to pass the peace pipe. I want to get my room cleaned up. I want to buy a typewriter and start using it. I want to dispel the rumor at work that I’m “the silent type.” I want to stop binge eating. I want to be more sensitive to other people. I want to become more like the person I say I’m following. I want to live with open hands, not worry so much, not be embarrassed to cry in sad movies. I want to be Nuwanda…

What has 2009 brought you? What do you want to see in 2010?

PS, here’s a gift from me to you. Enjoy. :]


Happy 2010, everybody. :]

December 31, 2009


This is what I daydream about.

December 25, 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love Dar Williams? 

Amber called her uncle, said, “We’re up here for the holiday,
Jane and I were having Solstice, now we need a place to stay.”
And her Christ-loving uncle watched his wife hang Mary on a tree,
He watched his son hang candy canes all made with red dye number three.
He told his neice, “It’s Christmas Eve, I know our life is not your style,”
She said, “Christmas is like Solstice, and we miss you, and it’s been awhile.”

So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table,
Finding faith and common ground the best that they were able,
And just before the meal was served, hands were held and prayers were said,
Sending hope for peach on earth to all their gods and goddesses.

The food was great, the tree plugged in, the meal had gone without a hitch,
Till Timmy turned to Amber and said, “Is it true that you’re a witch?”
His mom jumped up and said, “The pies are burning,” and she hit the kitchen,
And it was Jane who spoke, she said, “It’s true, your cousin’s not a Christian,
But we love trees, we love the snow, the friends we have, the world we share,
And you find magic from your God, and we find magic everywhere.”

So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table,
Finding faith and common ground the best that they were able,
And where does magic come from? I think magic’s in the learning,
‘Cause now when Christians sit with Pagans, only pumpkin pies are burning.

When Amber tried to do the dishes, her aunt said, “Really, no, don’t bother.”
Amber’s uncle saw how Amber looked like Tim and like her father.
He thought about his brother, how they hadn’t spoken in a year,
He thought he’d call him up and say, “It’s Christmas and your daughter’s here.”
He thought of fathers, sons and brothers, saw his own son tug his sleeve, saying,
“Can I be a Pagan?” Dad said, “We’ll discuss it when they leave.”

 So the Christians and the Pagans sat together at the table,
Finding faith and common ground the best that they were able,
Lighting trees in darkness, learning new ways from the old, and
Making sense of history and drawing warmth out of the cold.

Christmas trees…not just for Flat Earthers anymore. :)

November 25, 2009

Horticulturist Felder Rushing gives the following info regarding the “but I REALLY want a Christmas tree”/save-the-Earth deal.

Are fake trees better for the environment?
No. “They can be reused, but they’re not biodegradable,” says Rushing. Eventually, artificial trees end up in landfills and stay there for centuries. Another problem: These trees are often made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic that releases harmful dioxins into the air during manufacture. Plus, overseas factories produce most fake trees and ship them great distances, generating high levels of carbon dioxide emissions in transit.

How about a living tree that can be replanted later–is that a good way to go?
“It’s a nice idea but a bad practice,” according to Rushing. “Bringing these trees indoors in the winter is a terrible thing, physiologically speaking. A very small percentage of the trees survive, probably less than one in 10.”

But if I buy a fresh tree, aren’t I contributing to deforestation?
“Nope. These plants are farmed specifically to be Christmas trees,” explains Rushing, who adds that they’re typically a low-pesticide crop. “In fact, you’re supporting local agriculture when you buy one grown in your own area.”

Looking for Christmas tree farms? Or maybe recycling centers who’ll turn your ex-Xmas tree into compost or wood chips?[Via ]

“Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly.” -Ambrose Bierce

May 10, 2009

I was your rebellious son,
do you remember? Sometimes
I wonder if you do remember,
so complete has your forgiveness been.

So complete has your forgiveness been
I wonder sometimes if it did not
precede my wrong, and I erred,
safe found, within your love,

prepared ahead of me, the way home,
or my bed at night, so that almost
I should forgive you, who perhaps
foresaw the worst that I might do,

and forgave me before I could act,
causing me to smile now, looking back,
to see how paltry was my worst,
compared to your forgiveness of it

already given. And this, then,
is the vision of that Heaven of which
we have heard, where those who love
each other have forgiven each other,

where, for that, the leaves are green,
the light a music in the air,
and all is unentangled,
and all is undismayed.

[“To My Mother” by Wendell Berry, from Entries.]

Happy Earth Day. Happy birthday.

April 22, 2009

To me, anyway! I am now no longer restricted to a vertical drivers license! 

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. -Jean Paul Richter

Happy birthday also to all these grand folks:

-Glen Campbell, 1936, actor/singer
-Margaret Pereira, 1929, forensic scientist
-Victoria Opoku-Ware, 1929, Ghanaian queen
-Yehudi Menuhim, 1916, violinist
-Isabella I of Castile, 1451, Queen of Spain 1479-1504 

Real birthdays are not annual affairs. Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth. -Ralph Parlette

On this most auspicious day in history, these events occurred:

-1056: Supernova Crab nebula last seen by the naked eye!
-1370: Building of the Bastille in Paris commences!
-1500: Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil and claims it (of course) for Portugal!
-1509: Henry VIII ascends to England’s throne!
– 1823: R.J. Tyers patents roller skates!
-1861: Robert E. Lee named commander of Virginia Confederate forces!
-1864: U.S. mints 2 cent coin! (Also the first appearance of “In God We Trust”…)
-1876: Tsjaikovsky completes his ballet “Swan Lake” !
-1889: Oklahoma land rush officially *nudge nudge* begins!
-1884: Thomas Stevens embarks on first bike trip around the world! (Accomplished in 2 years & 9 months.)
-1906: New rule puts umpires in sole charge of all game balls!
-1914: Babe Ruth’s first professional game as pitcher!
-1922: South Ossetian Autonomous Region forms in Georgian SSR!
-1927: First performance of Roger Sessions’ “Symphony in E”!
-1937: NYC college students stage fourth annual peace strike!
-1945: Concentration camp at Sachsenhausen liberated!
-1952: First atomic explosion on network news in Nob, Nevada!
-1955: Congress orders all U.S. coins bear motto “In God We Trust”! 
-1969: Robin Knox-Johnston ends 312-day nonstop sailing! 
-1969: First human eye transplant performed!
-1970: Flat Earth celebrated!
-1970: First Earth Day held internationally to promote conservation of natural resources!
-1976: Barbara Walters becomes first female nightly network news anchor!
-1983: Stern mag announces major historical find: discovery of 60-volume personal diaries of Adolph Hitler! (Hoax!)
-1988: Women are now allowed to compete in Little 500 bicycle race in Indiana! (Um, what took you so long?)
-1994: Ice skater Tonya Harding sues ex-husband Jeff Gilloly for $42,500! (Tonya Harding! Don’t even get me started on Tonya Harding!)

 I’ve been around for a little over twenty years, and for anyone who needs advice on getting here, well, don’t ask me. The path I took was not exactly by the book. –Jon McLaughlin

 Twenty-one and strong as I can be. I know what freedom means to me, and I can’t give the reason why I should ever want to die. Got no cause to be afraid or fear that life will ever fade ’cause as I watch the rising sun I know that we have just begun. –The Eagles

Let me just take a second to pause and reflect, check the cause and effect. I find myself askin’ how did this happen so fast? Can’t imagine. Man, I remember back when I thought I knew the deal, but I didn’t understand it was never in my plans to become a grown man. Hopped on a plane, destination Thailand, where nobody was there to hold my hand. And that’s when I believe it started. See, I became part of a culture. Meanwhile my partner was guarding the sacred gardens and it’ll take that inspiration to create an artist. And through the hardships, I grew regardless of how much I was still stuck in the ways on the sidewalk, some duckin’ the strays, some repeating the mistakes their own parents made. Look, kid, you don’t even know the half. True, but it’s you I will outlast. I’ma be around to see what’s to come, ’cause at twenty-one I’ve only just begun, I’m told. Look, kid, you don’t even know the half. True, but it’s you I will outlast. I’ma be around to see what’s to come, ’cause at twenty-one I’ve only just begun. Twenty-one times around the sun. Take it in. I knew this day was bound to come. Illmatic had told me that the world was mine, and I realized it was way before halftime. Listen…I’ve done what some couldn’t. Given a chance all because of one woman who taught me knowledge of self, always prayer books on the shelf for me to delve into myself. Trained my voice and my soul from an early age. Gave what I can take with me through the pearly gates. Fought for opportunities for me, mentored me even when it didn’t make sense to me. I never knew who to blame. See, there’s a lot more significance to the name because he once did the same, so why would I bother to be anyone but Badí, spiritual descendent of the Pride of the Martyrs? -Badí

Any young man who is unmarried at the age of twenty-one is a menace to the community. -Brigham Young (Ha! That’s me, the rabblerouser! I know where you sleep at night!)

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. -Franz Kafka

My father told me all about the birds and the bees, the liar–I went steady with a woodpecker ’till I was twenty-one. -Bob Hope

In the brave days when I was twenty-one… -William Makepeace Thackeray

At twenty-one, so many things appear solid, permanent, untenable. -Orson Welles

The most prolific period of pessimism comes at twenty-one, or thereabouts, when the first attempt is made to translate dreams into reality. -Heywood C. Broun

+: Some Earth Day links & information for you. :]

earthdaynetwork, Wiki, .gov, Earth Day 2009, EPA, top 10 Earth Day movies, books, International Earth Day, Earth Society Foundation, EnviroLink, ways to celebrate, Earth Day Canada, Keep America Beautiful, AMAZING amount of links, teaching resources & lesson plans, WWF, Every Day is Earth Day, PlanetPals, NG, Earth Day facts, fun facts, and more facts, DisneyNature, and info on Disney’s Earth. Yay! :]

Look at this amazing earthling I share my birthday with! :)

April 22, 2009

Scientist, Turning 100, Still Works

ROME (April 19) — Rita Levi Montalcini, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, said Saturday that even though she is about to turn 100, her mind is sharper than it was she when she was 20.

Levi Montalcini, who also serves as a senator for life in Italy, celebrates her 100th birthday on Wednesday, and she spoke at a ceremony held in her honor by the European Brain Research Institute.
Riccardo De Luca, AP

20 photos

As she turns 100, Italian scientist and senator for life Rita Levi Montalcini said she is as sharp as ever. Her advice for life? “Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.” Here, Montalcini sips wine at a press conference in Rome for her 100th birthday. Click through this gallery to see other stories that will make you feel good.

She shared the 1986 Nobel Prize for Medicine with American Stanley Cohen for discovering mechanisms that regulate the growth of cells and organs.

“At 100, I have a mind that is superior — thanks to experience — than when I was 20,” she told the party, complete with a large cake for her.
The Turin-born Levi Montalcini recounted how the anti-Jewish laws of the 1930s under Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime forced her to quit university and do research in an improvised laboratory in her bedroom at home.
“Above all, don’t fear difficult moments,” she said. “The best comes from them.”
“I should thank Mussolini for having declared me to be of an inferior race. This led me to the joy of working, not any more unfortunately, in university institutes but in a bedroom,” the scientist said.
Her white hair elegantly coifed and wearing a smart navy blue suit, she raised a glass of sparkling wine in a toast to her long life.
[I wonder if I can find her address anywhere..I want to write her a letter! Oh!]