–glad you’re here. :]

Hola, I’m Talia and I’m glad you’re here. Hahahah I sound like Mr. Rogers..

Some things about me:

  • I’m 22, but I neither look my age nor act it.
  • I love art, literature, language, and music.
  • Politics junkie, feminist, hippie, flower-child, peacenik, bohemian, tree-hugger.
  • I love the Earth and the life that inhabits it.
  • Someday I want to live in a treehouse and sleep in a teepee.

If you want to know what the heck this blog is about:

Sorry. Ha. It’s not very cohesive, is it? Yeah, but neither am I, so it works for me. My interests are all over the board, it seems. So if you feel that I blog like a tripped-out schizo or a team of monkeys, rest assured that no, it’s just me, always and forever.

Topics coming up:

  • how to propose to your boyfriend
  • the politics of homosexuality
  • Gentleman’s Agreement
  • swear words aren’t really swear words at all, but they sure are fun to say
  • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland genius concept art
  • the Bible is not God’s Word
  • John Rock, or my favorite new Danish sensation
  • Jon Bon Jovi & Joan Baez singing in Persian
  • the modesty myth, or why you shouldn’t let fear of public opinion dictate your personal expression
  • rapture/”end times” theology, self-fulfilling prophecies, and religious stupidity
  • why the war in Iraq is sexist
  • asexuality
  • Talia
  • how sexism is ingrained in the foundations of our language
  • Eleventyseven and/or unicorns
  • the fate of Sodom & Gomorrah was not a condemnation of gay sex
  • Bathsheba part III: influence on culture and the web
  • the minor prophets: why it’s convenient for the Church to ignore them, and why it shouldn’t
  • Israel v. Palestine, or: Israel & Palestine v. Peace
  • “God bless America”?
  • poetry inspired by the Scopes Trial [from Ringside, 1925]
  • Saudi music, fine. An all-woman metal band? YES PLEASE
  • coloring pages!

More Talia, mooooooooooore Talia:

I also run things at:


6 Responses to “–glad you’re here. :]”

  1. worshipfan Says:

    Great Page….thanks for the link!

  2. katiespeer Says:

    Just realized you link to my blog – cool!!! Can’t wait to check out yours!!

  3. Joan J Says:

    Hi Talia – Nice to meet you! I’m one of your swap partners from swap-botz for the “promote my blog” swap. I have to admit, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on your blog, clicking to links that advocate for children and responsible television and toys. I was born in the “right decade” and have many of the same interests and likes you do — just 30+ years older ;) Hope you’ll stop by my blog some time!

  4. talialovesyou Says:

    ha! well! i’m pleased you’ve enjoyed yourself :] certainly, i’ll be checking up on your blog at random intervals!

  5. Christian Beyer Says:

    You’ve got a cool blog. Looking at your bogroll, I see we have some friends in common. I’m glad you stopped by my site. Hope to talk a lot more with you.

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