–site rules


All content on this blog unless otherwise noted is property of Talia Kolker–if you want to use something, all you have to do is ask. :] I do my best to credit other material correctly. If I have posted something of yours without credit, let me know and I’ll be happy to fix it.

Commenting: Do’s

Please conduct yourself with with civility, courtesy, and respect for everyone you find here, author or fellow reader.

If and when you disagree with the author or another reader, please express your disagreement without insulting, mocking, or slandering.

Be open to examining your own logic and beliefs to see how well they hold up. Study logical fallacies–figure out which ones you’re most likely to fall into yourself and learn how to avoid them and to express yourself well. Bonus: Pinpointing the flaws in your opponents’ logic will be easier and more clear.

Always extend the benefit of the doubt to others. Be the “bigger person”, if you will.

Dialogue and conversation is always welcome, with me and/or other readers.

If you like what you see, comment! If you don’t like what you see, comment! Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

Commenting: Don’ts

Don’t hit on me on my site.

Don’t post spam. All spammers will be immediately blocked.

Don’t exaggerate others’ beliefs or post unfounded prejudice.

Don’t reduce your opponents’ humanity by labeling, stereotyping, generalizing or otherwise defining them within certain perimeters.

Don’t proselytize. You are welcome to share your views, but pushing them on people or using them to hurt others is not acceptable and will result in immediate blocking.

Don’t make unfounded claims. Please be ready to back up your statements if asked.


All submitted comments become the property of myself, the blog owner. I reserve the right to use all or part of your comment(s) in future blog posts.

I reserve the right to block anyone and/or delete any comments I find offensive. I’m pretty cool with free expression*–as long as you conduct yourself with courtesy, you should be fine. None of the following are acceptable here: racism, sexism, classism, extremist nationalism, discrimination, hate speech, personal attacks, name-calling, solicitation–any and all of which will get you blocked.

I reserve the right to edit any comment I find lacking, especially in the grammatical arena…unless I think your whole comment is funny, in which case it’s often better to just leave it in its natural state.

I may also edit your comment to protect your identity should I feel you are being “watched” or creepily checked up on by someone. This pretty much entails stalker-proofing your name, email, etc. The content of your comment will most likely not be affected by this policy, so breathe easy. And so far this has only happened to one commenter, so don’t go freaking out on me.

*If you feel like you’re being held back by my restrictions on hateful or discriminatory speech, sign my guestbook! This is the one place where anything goes. I retain my right to delete offensive comments, but I don’t expect to do so.


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